Bike Bicycle Complete Front and Rear Inner Outer Gear Brake Wire Cable Kit - Blue

Color: Blue
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Bike Bicycle Complete Front & Rear Inner Outer Gear Brake Wire Cable Kit - Blue. This is a brand new Jagwire standard series housing cable kit and enough for a complete bike. Fits mountain bikes & road bikes, V brakes & Disk brakes.

1.Low compression
2.Low-friction polymer liner
3.Super-durable plastic layer, cold weather resistant
4.Compressionless shell for precise shifting
5.Super light weight

1.G.Weight: 280g
2.Housing Brake Cable: (L)250cm * (φ)5mm
3.Housing Shifter Cable: (L)200cm * (φ)4mm
4.Inner Wire for Brake: Front 110cm, Rear 170cm

1 x Housing Brake Cable
1 x Housing Shifter Cable
2 x Brake Wire Core (Length 1.1M + 1.7M)
4 x 5mm Cable Pipe Cable
10 x 4mm Cable Pipe Cap
3 x Rubber O-ring
4 x Aluminum End Cap

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